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A Professional Moving & Storage Service Explains

While there are many items which you should pack during the moving service, there are also some which you should not. This is due to certain restrictions or no longer needing them. Listed below are some of these items and the reasons why they should not be taken.

  • Unusable items in the attic or crawlspace

Among the items you should not pack during the residential moving are unusable items in the attic or crawlspace. These include broken furniture, torn garments, rusted tools and others. Check about two weeks before the scheduled date what you can donate, dispose or recycle. Separate them into three piles and have each handled as necessary.

  • Dangerous chemicals, especially liquid ones

You should also not pack dangerous chemicals, especially liquid ones. This due to safety reasons and regulations. For instance, you should not pack gasoline, kerosene, fertilizer, paint, or bleach. Also, consider if there are any detergents which you need to empty or donate. Be sure to ask the moving service what they can transport as chemicals.

  • Vital medications and toiletries

While it can be convenient to have your vital medications and toiletries packed away, you should not have them placed in a cardboard box. This can lead to serious problems if an emergency arises. Or when you would like to get yourself freshened up in the morning during the first week after the relocation.

What should you not pack before the move? There are several groups of items you should not pack before the relocation. These include unusable items in the attic or crawlspace. Dangerous chemicals, especially liquid ones. And vital medications and toiletries. If you would like to learn more recommendations, contact a professional moving & storage service. An example of one such contractor is Top Ranked Movers in Franklin, TN.