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Expert Tips From A Professional Moving Service

Transporting plants can be  tricky and challenging. Like relocating with children, pets or musical instruments. This is due to the fragility and delicateness of such living creatures. There are certain steps which can help you in transporting your beloved plants. Listed below are some of them provided by a professional moving service.

  • Re-pot

If your moving service includes travelling to another city or state, you should re-pot your plants. Be sure to have the task done about three weeks before the relocation date. Use a sturdy plastic pot the same size as their current ceramic one. This will help you in transporting the specimen by making it easier to lift. It will also allow you to pack its original pot for safer transport.

  • Prepare the tall species

Transporting tall plants can be quite tricky. A good way to make it easier is to use the following moving company tip. Place sphagnum moss into the top of each pot, wrap it in plastic and secure. This will prevent the spilling of soil. Pack the specimens in tall wardrobe boxes. Remove the plastic and moss as soon as you arrive to allow them to breathe.

  • Treat them as you do your pets

When travelling long distance with overnight stays, keep in mind the following moving service tips. Do not leave them in the car in hot weather. If you will be absent from the car for more than hour, crack a window and park in the shade. When resting for the night bring them into your hotel room. If you are traveling in the winter wrap them in newspaper or blankets when on the road.

Transporting plants to your new home can be made easier. Among the steps you should take is to re-pot them three weeks before the long distance move. Also, prepare the tall species using sphagnum moss and plastic to make them secure. And treat the plants as you do your pets. If you would like to learn more tips, contact a professional moving contractor such as Top Ranked Movers in Franklin, TN.