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A Residential and Commercial Local Mover Shares Tips

Anyone undergoing a residential or commercial move knows how stressful it can be. Which is why some forward planning can go a long way. Make sure you have all your belongings safely packed into moving boxes and labeled. Keep track of any valuable items you want additional insurance on, in addition to anything you need immediately upon your arrival. Most importantly, try to get your move planned and performed by a reputable residential and commercial local mover.
Whether you are only moving across town or the country, moving does need preparation and organization. The first step is itemizing, create a list of all your belongings that need to be transported. When you begin packing – make sure you use quality packing materials which will sufficiently protect your belongings. This is extremely important for people that are moving themselves, as milk crates and plastic bags are convenient and economical, however, these will not protect your valuables properly.

Also, remember to label all your boxes according to the room they need to be put in upon arrival. Clear labeling helps your moving team load and unload boxes at their new destination and saves on time finding everything you need.

When planning a commercial move, we at Top Ranked Movers, in Franklin, TN, recommend arranging the use of your building’s elevator should it have one, in order to facilitate your moving project. Some commercial spaces will require this prearrangement legally, so remember to check ahead. Also, have all your packing completed by the day of your move, and all items labeled and ready to go when your commercial moving company arrives.

Office furniture like desks, bookshelves, credenzas, wall and file cabinets, must first be emptied, and all their contents packed and labeled. Any vertical cabinets can retain their contents so long as you inform your movers of this. All electronic equipment should have its corresponding plugs, cords, and power strips labeled and attached too.

So if you need the help of a professional residential or commercial local mover, call Top Ranked Movers at (615) 941-4153 today. We are in Franklin, TN.