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A Professional Moving & Storage Service Explains

While there are many items which you should pack during the moving service, there are also some which you should not. This is due to certain restrictions or no longer needing them. Listed below are some of these items and the reasons why they should not be taken.

  • Unusable items in the attic or crawlspace

Among the items you should not pack during the residential moving are unusable items in the attic or crawlspace. These include broken furniture, torn garments, rusted tools and others. Check about two weeks before the scheduled date what you can donate, dispose or recycle. Separate them into three piles and have each handled as necessary.

  • Dangerous chemicals, especially liquid ones

You should also not pack dangerous chemicals, especially liquid ones. This due to safety reasons and regulations. For instance, you should not pack gasoline, kerosene, fertilizer, paint, or bleach. Also, consider if there are any detergents which you need to empty or donate. Be sure to ask the moving service what they can transport as chemicals.

  • Vital medications and toiletries

While it can be convenient to have your vital medications and toiletries packed away, you should not have them placed in a cardboard box. This can lead to serious problems if an emergency arises. Or when you would like to get yourself freshened up in the morning during the first week after the relocation.

What should you not pack before the move? There are several groups of items you should not pack before the relocation. These include unusable items in the attic or crawlspace. Dangerous chemicals, especially liquid ones. And vital medications and toiletries. If you would like to learn more recommendations, contact a professional moving & storage service. An example of one such contractor is Top Ranked Movers in Franklin, TN.

Expert Tips From A Professional Moving Service

Transporting plants can be  tricky and challenging. Like relocating with children, pets or musical instruments. This is due to the fragility and delicateness of such living creatures. There are certain steps which can help you in transporting your beloved plants. Listed below are some of them provided by a professional moving service.

  • Re-pot

If your moving service includes travelling to another city or state, you should re-pot your plants. Be sure to have the task done about three weeks before the relocation date. Use a sturdy plastic pot the same size as their current ceramic one. This will help you in transporting the specimen by making it easier to lift. It will also allow you to pack its original pot for safer transport.

  • Prepare the tall species

Transporting tall plants can be quite tricky. A good way to make it easier is to use the following moving company tip. Place sphagnum moss into the top of each pot, wrap it in plastic and secure. This will prevent the spilling of soil. Pack the specimens in tall wardrobe boxes. Remove the plastic and moss as soon as you arrive to allow them to breathe.

  • Treat them as you do your pets

When travelling long distance with overnight stays, keep in mind the following moving service tips. Do not leave them in the car in hot weather. If you will be absent from the car for more than hour, crack a window and park in the shade. When resting for the night bring them into your hotel room. If you are traveling in the winter wrap them in newspaper or blankets when on the road.

Transporting plants to your new home can be made easier. Among the steps you should take is to re-pot them three weeks before the long distance move. Also, prepare the tall species using sphagnum moss and plastic to make them secure. And treat the plants as you do your pets. If you would like to learn more tips, contact a professional moving contractor such as Top Ranked Movers in Franklin, TN.

Expert Tips And Tricks From A Professional Mover

Relocating an office or house can be quite daunting and challenging. It can also be time-consuming and stressful. Yet, there are certain hacks which can help you in hastening the process. Here are some of them provided by a professional mover.

  • Office

To make the transition for your office easier use the following commercial mover tips. Pack all cables belonging to a device in paper and place them in cardboard tube. Label the tubes about which set belongs to which machine. If possible stick the tube to the box containing the appropriate machine. Use a numbering or color-coded system and checklist. Also, mark all sides with the content of the boxes and where each needs to be placed in the new office.

  • Home

To make the packing and first few days easier use the following residential mover tips. Wrap clothes on hangers using trash bags with the top made into a tight knot. Ask every member of your household to bundle a first night and day essential bag they will place last in the truck. Make sure each bag contains bedding, pajamas, two sets of clothes, and basic toiletries. When packing items, place the ones which will be used within a week after relocation in containers with label “keep handy”. All other items such as seasonal ones and nonessential should be placed in containers marked “pack away”.

  • General

Regardless if you are relocating an office or house, use these general mover tips. Do not place items from several rooms in the same box. Always use the rule of thumb that heavy items should be placed in smaller boxes. Avoid using plastic containers as they can lock in moisture. And make sure you have obtained a parking permit or provided a place for parking at both your previous and new home.

There are several hacks to make your relocation less time-consuming. For an office these include using cardboard tubes an paper to secure and pack cables. For homes have every member pack a first night and day essential bag. Also, make sure the old and new properties have a parking space or permit.  If you would like to learn more tips, contact a professional mover such as Top Ranked Movers in Franklin, TN.

Information Offered by a Reliable Moving Service Provider

Many people don’t even bother moving furniture when they relocate. Most of the time, the cost of moving furniture exceeds the price of new furniture. However, this is true only when we’re talking about cheap furniture. If you have expensive pieces of furniture in your home, then you may want to take them with you when moving. As a professional moving service provider, I advise you to take some of these tips and tricks into consideration.

Do the work yourself

Dismantling furniture is a labor-intensive job. Additionally, it may take your movers a lot of time. Since most movers charge by the hour, it’s a good idea to try to dismantle your furniture yourself.

Move only what you need

If you’re planning to move to another state, then you may have to hire a long-distance mover. Keep in mind that these movers may charge by the mile. This means that you can load as much stuff in the trailer as you want. However, considering that furniture can take quite a lot of space, it’s advisable to move only the pieces you really need. This way, you can save space in the trailer for more important stuff, such as appliances, mattresses, personal belongings, etc.

Load and unload at the service center

Most reliable moving service providers offer the possibility to load and unload your stuff at their terminals. Since they don’t have to come at your door to pick up the stuff, the moving service is a lot cheaper.

Get familiar with the best ways to pack and load

Efficient loading and packing can save space, and that’s a money saver. Furthermore, by packing your furniture right, you help reduce the possibility of damage, and this will lower the overall costs when the moving process is completed.

If you’re looking for a cheap and reliable way to move furniture, then contact Top Ranked Movers. We are some of the most reliable moving service providers in Franklin and Green Hill, TN.

Tips on Booking a Moving Service Provider

family movingMoving can be hard, stressful, and really time-consuming. But that’s why moving service providers exist – to help you through this though time. So, if you have decided to relocate and you are looking for movers you can trust, you might find the following tips helpful.

– Search for local moving contractors by asking people close to you for recommendations. Also, look online for movers’ websites, and choose some with positive customer feedback.

– Contact some companies, and make sure they have the necessary business license and insurance, before you discuss further details.

– Then, you should request estimates  from those companies you liked best. Once you get at least three offers, read and compare them. That way, you will see what different movers can do for you, how much their services will cost you, which will make your decision easier.

 So, if you are currently residing in Franklin TN and you are looking to hire a moving company, you shouldn’t be looking any further than Top Ranked Movers. You can call us today.