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What Can a Professional Mover Tell You about Your Hassle-Free Office Relocation?

Moving a business is a complex project. As a business owner or manager, you will be the main decision maker along with your local professional moving company. Just one important note – for projects of that size and scale, always make sure you hire a mover with experience in commercial relocation because they are quite different from household movers. Keeping everything on track will be crucial to the success of your endeavor. How can you do that?
Many businesses struggle to move just because they don’t have a clear plan of how everything should be organized. But with these 5 tips, we guarantee you a swift and stress-free moving process:

  • Involve your employees; To keep the entire process in order, get your employees involved. Obviously, you can’t handle everything on your own, so delegating some jobs to people from the different departments will ensure a stress-free office relocation. Keep everybody informed about their obligations and responsibilities. Make sure everyone understands what to do with the move. Effective internal and external communication is extremely important.

  • Have a clear idea of the big picture and identify problems before they occur; This applies to both small and big businesses. Avoid moving during the holidays and peak seasons, this will save you both time and money, so start preparing for the big day as early as possible. If you are planning a major relocation along with the office furnishings, you will need professional support. A knowledgeable commercial mover will help you outline the points you haven’t even considered, they will help you identify struggles before they get out of control.

  • Follow a strict timeline; As people say, time is money. In your commercial relocation, you can’t afford to waste time on fussing and hanging around. Conduct a few meetings and discuss things, such as packing, verifying the new address with all the utility companies, organize all the IT connections, etc.

Top Ranked Movers offers more than a professional moving service. We offer support and useful tips for the successful relocation of your house or office. If you are in Franklin, TN and need expert assistance, do not hesitate and contact us today at (615) 941-4153.

How to Pack in Ready for Your Residential Moving Service

As mentioned above, packing room by room is the best way to move. As you work, get rid of any items you no longer use or want. Never pack with the idea of going through everything on the other end, as this makes no sense. Make a pile of items you want to recycle, donate or throw away.

Labeling is an important step when it comes to packing. Make sure your labels are as descriptive as possible. Writing kitchen on it will not be helpful, as you may have several boxes labeled kitchen, but are looking for a specific item. Also, make sure any boxes with breakables are labeled also and put these to one side to load last.

Should you be looking for an honest and reliable residential moving service provider, call Top Ranked Movers in Franklin, TN today on (615) 941-4153.

Moving Company Tips for Supplies

Moving supplies are items used to organize a move in a more orderly fashion. Unfortunately, not everyone has the money to hire a professional moving company, that will come to their home, pack all their belongings, plus, move them to their new home. Fortunately, armed with the right moving supplies and some help from a few good friends, moving can be manageable.

The first part involves packing items. Going room to room packing is one of the most efficient ways to do this. The most important moving supplies are boxes and tubs, newspapers, garbage bags, peanuts, and packing tape. Plastic tubs can be bought at most discount stores, however, this can be somewhat expensive in the long run, so using sturdy cardboard boxes is the way to go.

To find out more information on our mover services and prices, call Top Ranked Movers in Franklin, TN today on (615) 941-4153.

A Residential and Commercial Local Mover Shares Tips

Anyone undergoing a residential or commercial move knows how stressful it can be. Which is why some forward planning can go a long way. Make sure you have all your belongings safely packed into moving boxes and labeled. Keep track of any valuable items you want additional insurance on, in addition to anything you need immediately upon your arrival. Most importantly, try to get your move planned and performed by a reputable residential and commercial local mover.
Whether you are only moving across town or the country, moving does need preparation and organization. The first step is itemizing, create a list of all your belongings that need to be transported. When you begin packing – make sure you use quality packing materials which will sufficiently protect your belongings. This is extremely important for people that are moving themselves, as milk crates and plastic bags are convenient and economical, however, these will not protect your valuables properly.

Also, remember to label all your boxes according to the room they need to be put in upon arrival. Clear labeling helps your moving team load and unload boxes at their new destination and saves on time finding everything you need.

When planning a commercial move, we at Top Ranked Movers, in Franklin, TN, recommend arranging the use of your building’s elevator should it have one, in order to facilitate your moving project. Some commercial spaces will require this prearrangement legally, so remember to check ahead. Also, have all your packing completed by the day of your move, and all items labeled and ready to go when your commercial moving company arrives.

Office furniture like desks, bookshelves, credenzas, wall and file cabinets, must first be emptied, and all their contents packed and labeled. Any vertical cabinets can retain their contents so long as you inform your movers of this. All electronic equipment should have its corresponding plugs, cords, and power strips labeled and attached too.

So if you need the help of a professional residential or commercial local mover, call Top Ranked Movers at (615) 941-4153 today. We are in Franklin, TN.

How to Choose the Right Residential Moving Company

Although some people underestimate the importance of hiring a good residential moving company, it’s crucial to have someone who can help you. There are a lot of companies out there that offer low rates but their only intention is to scam people. So if you want to hire someone trustworthy, look for the following things:

  • Excellent reputation. Before you shake hands on working together, try to find reviews of the company online. Whether you plan to relocate your home or business, the company you are going to trust must have a business license and insurance. You will want to get some sort of financial compensation if something gets broken, right?

  • Proven track record. The more years they have spent in business, the better. That means that the mover you have hired is fully capable of planning and going through the entire process quickly and without causing any damage to your items. They know how much materials will be needed, as well as how to organize the whole process on time and within budget.

  • Rates. The price always matters. All reputable movers try to offer high-quality services at very competitive pricing. They are completely transparent about all their fees and provide free estimates.

  • Process organization. If you want to test their expertise, ask them a few questions about their organization process, especially if you plan to relocate your office. Commercial moving service providers are supposed to ask you many questions about the place you are moving to, which stuff have to be moved, and when do you want this to be done. Ask them about each and every stage of the process and trust your sixth sense when making the right decision.

Trust Top Ranked Movers whenever you need to move. Every residential moving company who is a member of our staff is well-trained and experienced. We are located in Franklin, TN and you can give us a call at (615) 941-4153.